Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Julep Maven!

This week I received my February Classic with a Twist Box and my Valentine Mystery box. If you are interested in purchasing your own Julep Maven box, as of right now, the penny promotion is still active! Click HERE and complete the style quiz. Once you add the product to the shopping cart, type in the code: COLOR2012. But if that doesn't work you can try these codes: SHAREONFEB (to get the deal for $1) or MAVEN5 (to get the deal for $5). Just want to give you a couple of codes to try out in case one of two of them don't work. If they all don't work, let me know and I'll find another one! Again, these promo codes are only good for your first box! If you're still unconvinced and want to learn a little bit more about the program, please check out my Julep Maven blog posts by clicking HERE.

Julep Referral Link:
Disclaimer: If you sign up through my referral link, I will receive points towards a free subscription. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it! :) 

February Classic with a Twist Julep Maven Box

This is just going to be a simple unboxing post for my February Box, just to show you what's inside. Basically my opinion is the same as my last box.  I tried both my nail polishes from my last box and they both have great application. I prefer the creme based over the shimmery polish, just because I find the shimmery polish is a little too translucent for my liking, even after two coats. On the other hand, I can get away with one coat with the creme based polish. My preference towards the creme-based polish was the reason why I chose to go with Classic with a Twist this month but I was also attracted to the cobalt blue that was in the Boho Glam Box. 

So I received this box as complimentary gift for all the friends and readers who signed up through my referral link. Thank you all for feeding into my addiction, I really appreciate it! In celebration of the Awards season, this month's Julep Maven box was Oscar-themed. I'll keep this post short and just show you what I got. 

CHOCOLATE: Oscar (Bonus)
  • This is a little bonus treat this month, an Oscar Dark Chocolate. I took the picture right away and I devoured it in like 5 seconds. So delicious! 

JULEP: Topcoat for Hair
This hot new treatment works on your hair just like topcoat does for nails, leaving a lustrous, protective sheen. Multi-weight silicones protect against both thermal damage and the elements while smoothing, conditioning and sealing.
Full Size: $16.00 (2.5 fl oz.)
Sample Value: $16.00 (2.5 fl oz.) 
Jane's Beauty Tip: One of my favorite tips is to finish every shampoo with a blast of cold water to help seal the cuticle. You'll be surprised at the noticeable difference in shine. 
  • I've tried it couple of times, but I haven't used it enough to see any noticeable difference. 

JULEP: Nail Vernis 
Meryl: The perfect neutral, sophisticated gray creme
Oscar: Ultra chic, multi-dimensional gold glitter. 
Full Size: $28.00 ($14.00 each)
Sample Value: $28.00 

Total Value of this month's Box: $44+

I really like Julep's nail polishes and I can definitely see why they would charge $14 each. The quality of Julep's polishes remind me of the super high end polishes that I've tried and owned from Dior and Chanel, so I think $14 is pretty reasonable compared to the $20+ charge from those brands. I personally can't shell out so much for individual polishes, so that is why I'm so thankful for this program and my referrals! 


  1. I am sooo tempted to sign up for this box, but I wouldn't want one every month. I like nail polish, but I am not a huge collector like some of you girls. Can you cancel at any time?

    1. You definitely can! You only need to refer two people to get your next box free! So you can rack it up for gifts to your girlfriends!

  2. Replies
    1. YES I did, I'm just a little behind on my blogs. Stay tuned.

  3. I am still waiting on mine, 3 wks now :(


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