Monday, February 13, 2012

February Glossybox Review

Back in January, I was one of Glossybox's very first subscribers. I pretty much clicked subscribe before Glossybox even sent out the email about their availability because I was so excited for this new company. If you want to read about Glossybox's background and price, please click here. The reason why I wanted to purchase another beauty subscription box was because I've read blog posts and watched so many videos of people in Europe and other countries rave about the amazing products that they received from their Glossybox from the month. Obviously, I expected nothing less from the Canadian Glossybox and I had really high expectation for their inaugural box. These expectations were heightened when the press boxes were released, where they had full sized Essie nail polish and good sized Oscar de la Renta body lotion. I was really looking forward to that!

February Glossy Box

When I received my Glossybox, I was really impressed with the packaging! The grey outer box was decorated with their signature pink emblem and not to mention that the perforation made it really easy to open the box. This is something I really appreciate considering I'm one of those people who always use their nails to open the package rather than using a scissors. I just want to get the thing open as soon as possible! Anyone with me? The box containing the item is also beautifully designed. The size of the box is larger and much sturdier than the Luxe Box and Glymm box. The interior of the lid and the box is decorated with the same pattern as the outer box.  Glossybox must know that some people just love taking pictures of their products, because this makes such a cute backdrop! Overall, I adore the look of the box and it definitely tops their competitors in terms of packaging and design. 

Welcome Message (Front) and Product Description (Back)

I love talking about packaging, print materials, and graphic design  just because I have a background in it. So feel free to scroll down if you don't want to read about it. With that said, I really like the design of the post card, it's very feminine, sleek, and elegant. I think it's great how they use one design pattern to tie in everything! My only criticism is that the product description is a little bit too wordy for my liking. I like to know what I received, what it does and the price at first glance. I really don't think they need the "We Love" and "Giving you [this], Making you [that]" and so on. It just makes the post card look too busy. If they really want to do that, they should incorporate it into their actual description. I just don't want to actually search for the name of the product. I would like the product names to be first things I see when I pick up the card. This is just my opinion. 

These labels are so cute and such a great idea because most of the time these boxes are reused for storage. 

Finally, onto my unboxing! 

AHAVA: Mineral Body Cream
Ahava is created with the many benefits of the Dead Sea. The Mineral Body Lotion contains aloe vera, natural moisturizers, and minerals that glide over your skin and wrap your body in moisture all day long.
Full Size: $28.00 (250 ml)
Sample Value: $4.48 (40 ml)
  • I received an Ahava Hand cream from my Glymm box, so I guess this is pretty much the same thing but in a bigger size. At first I was okay with the scent, but now it's giving me such a headache. I think it's only good for its moisturizing properties. I really wish that these beauty subscription companies would look at what their competitors offered in the past so they can try not to repeat... Actually I'm just saying that because I really don't really like this cream. But if it was something awesome, repeat away! 

ELIZABETH GRANT: Skin Care Moisturizing Stick
The Moisturizing Stick is highly moisturizing balm that leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated and is a great compliment to the At Last Lipstains. 
Full Size: $12.00 (5 g)
Sample Value: $8.40 (3.5 g)
  • I think I would be more excited to try the At Last Lipstains instead of this Moisturizing stick. I wish it had some colour tint to make this product a little more interesting. The stick has a really light sweet scent and it does the job that it sets to do. I'm pretty indifferent about this product, so I'm most likely going to give this away.

WELLA: Professionals Brilliance Shampoo
Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo helps to enhance the radiance of coloured hair. This light shampoo leaves even fine hair full of vitality and shine with diamond dust!
Full Size: $13.99 (300 ml)
Sample Value: $2.33 (50 ml) 
  • I think this must be my favorite product in the box. The shampoo smells absolutely divine and the diamond dust is pretty intriguing. The price for the full size is not too bad and since I'm in need of a shampoo, this brand is definitely worth considering. I can't wait to try it! 

Live in Love is the newest Oscar de la Renta fragrance. This green floral embodies the love that today's woman has for everything in her life, created for women by a man that adores them... Oscar. 
Full Size: $62.00 (30 ml)
Sample Value: $8.27 (4 ml)
  • It's hilarious how cheesy some product descriptions are. Nonetheless, the fragrance is lovely but it really isn't for me. I like light floral scents and this is definitely more pungent than what I would like it. I think this is a scent my mom would love.  

ELIZABETH ARDEN: Prevage Day Anti-Aging Restorative Cream
Elizabeth Arden Prevage Day Anti-Aging Restorative cream helps to fight the visible effects of environmental damage and enhances skin's natural moisture.
Full Size: $160 (50 ml)
Sample Value: $22.40 (7 ml) 
  • I guess all these beauty subscription company really believe in preventative measures. I keep getting eye creams and anti-aging creams even though I never ask for it when I complete their questionnaire. I can tell from a lot of blogs and vlogs that these are subscriber's least favorite product. I feel the exact same way! I'm pretty sure I never checked the "anti-aging" box as one of my main skin care concerns, so why do I still get this?  I'm just going to use it just because I have it or maybe give this away too. 

BEAUTY SO CLEAN: Sanitizing Wipes and Mist (Bonus)
The convenient and effective Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes sanitize makeup, removing bacteria in 10 seconds! The Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist removes bacteria and germs on powder-based and cream-based products. 
Full Size: Wipes - $12.50 (48 pack)    Mist - $15.99 (125 ml)
Sample Size: Wipes - $1.04 (4 wipes)   Mist - $1.02 (8 ml) 
  • I like the idea of these sanitizing wipes and mist. One of my pet peeve is sharing make-up and when one of my girl friends sleep over she would ask to borrow some powder. I would reluctantly oblige and clean the brush or sponge after she was done with it. I never really thought to clean the product itself so I'm interested in trying the mist. 
Total Value of this box: $48+

All in all, I wasn't totally impressed by this inaugural box. I know I got more than what paid for, but considering I filled out their questionnaire, most of the products just aren't right for me. I think this box is more geared towards an older subscriber rather than for someone in their early 20's. I think it's such a disappointment when the press boxes set the bar so high and the products that you receive just don't exactly meet those expectations. I really wished that I received an Essie nail polish, that alone would of made my whole box worthwhile. But you can't always get what you want and that's okay. You just have to be open to try new products that these subscription services send you, which is pretty much the nature of these services right? I guess if you don't like what they give you month after month, stop the subscription and go out and buy the products you actually enjoy! I earned enough Glossydots to subscribe to the next month, so hopefully March's Glossybox will be a lot better. I just want to thank all the ladies who subscribe through my referral links! 

For those interested in subscribing, please click HERE for my referral link. 
Disclaimer: If you sign up through my referral link, I will receive points towards a free subscription. Thanks in advance! :) 


  1. great review! I am a new follower :) Please follow my blog too! I also reviewed the glossybox.

  2. I just heard of this a month ago...and I've signed up for Julep, Top box and glossy box...can't wait for them to arrive in the mail.

    I read thru quite a few of your'em. I LOVE samples :)

    1. Thank you for saying that! I'm such a sample hoarder.

  3. Hi Samantha - am a new follower...I too am getting to be a sample box addict. Am anxiously awaiting my Feb Luxe, Topbox & Gylmm boxes. Have skipped the Feb Julep on...too many at the moment.
    Just wondering if you knew of any stores in the Ottawa area that carried some of the Korean BB Creams; I am especially wanting to try the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. Any info would be most appreciated...keep you the great blogs!

    1. Thanks for the Follow! I'm not too familiar with the Ottawa area. I was able to tell Aleeza where to get her BB cream because that was where I purchased mine. But I think you should try your China Town, or Korea Town if you have one, they may have a cosmetic shop or kiosk set up. If you still can't find it, there's always online... (free shipping for $100+)

      Good Luck! I hope you find it!

  4. Are you having problems redeeming your points?
    I earned enough Glossydots to subscribe to the next month, so hopefully March's Glossybox will be a lot better

    1. I don't think so, I ticked the box to have it converted. They told me that's all I had to do.

  5. Ahh.. lucky you:) It finually went through today, after 3 wks of back and forth. Glad to get a free box next month. wanna try & save that extra money for a holiday :)

  6. Wasn't a fan of last months box , so i am looking forward to this one.


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