Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Julep Valentine Mystery Box

This post is long over due. I received this couple days after Valentine's day but I haven't gotten around to blogging about it until now. I'm sure you are interested in the content of the box, so I'm just going to keep this short and sweet. I received box #5, which isn't too bad, but the golden box was box #7! I paid $20 for this box, and the value of the box can range from $60 to $200. It's a really fun concept and I absolutely love that Julep came up with this idea.

Valentine Mystery Box #5

Monday, February 27, 2012

February Topbox Review

TOPBOX FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY: Win a 3 month complementary box! Click HERE to enter! 

I received about a week and a half ago, but my cousins came down so I put this review on the back burner. But anyways, I hope you enjoy this month's Topbox review and let me know what you think or if you got something different in the comments below.

I thought like Loose Button Luxe Box, other subscriptions boxes would add an extra touch since it is the month of love. Loose Button Luxe Box partnered up with Flare and made their box red for the special occasion, Glossybox didn't do anything, I don't think Glymm did anything and Topbox added a cute little signature at the front of their card. Of course I wish they did a little more, like change up their wrapping paper or put something sweet inside. I just really want them to change up their wrapping paper! I want some variety since I am a monthly subscriber and I think it would be cool to change it up from time to time. Also speaking as a customer and a print nerd, I hope they choose a coated substrate or something that doesn't smear so easily. I would love to reuse my tubes, but somehow these tubes get in contact with water and moisture so it ends up smearing and it just doesn't look pretty anymore.

Now onto the unboxing of my Topbox!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Converse Nail Art



Three of my cousins came down to visit for their Reading Week and so we had our annual Farewell Nail Art Party, where we stay up till 2 am to complete our nail art the night before they leave. I was uninspired last night, so I didn't end up doing anything to my own nails and did my cousin Amanda's nails instead. She was a little indecisive at first, but I let her look through my old nail art album on Facebook and images I have been collecting on Pinterest (click to check out my awesome Nail Art Board). The converse nails caught her eye and so we decided to replicate the design.

Before I go on with the fairly easy tutorial, if you are a polish hoarder, nail art addict and you are in the Markham area, check out a store called SOHO in Market Village. They have a sale going on where you purchase a mini OPI nail polish for $1.00 and get the second one 50% off! My cousins purchased about 30 mini nail polishes for themselves and their friends and ended up paying about $25 for it. Sick deal right? I don't know why it's so cheap, but I can tell you one thing though, it smells really funky. Despite the smell, there's nothing wrong with the application. It is just a little streaky in the first coat, but a second coat fixes that right up. Anyways, if you head there have fun looking through the bins and bins of nail polishes! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Loose Button Luxe Box Review

Hi everyone! I'm so ecstatic right now because I just received my Loose Button Luxe Box!! I was about to write about my Julep Maven Valentine Mystery box, but this really couldn't wait!  So for this special lovely occasion, Loose Button collaborated with Flare Magazine to create this special edition red Luxe Box.

Like alway, the box came with a few flying inserts and cards. What I obviously noticed was that they redesigned their product information card. It's tri-folded with enlarged fonts and actual pictures of the product rather than the silhouette. It also featured the latest Flare Magazine Cover of Emily Van Camp from Revenge. I prefer the regular Loose Button cards more, so I hope they go back to it next month. 

If you haven't received your Luxe Box yet and you don't want your surprise ruined, then please don't read on! Check out what I got in my other subscription boxes instead! :) 

February Julep Maven!

This week I received my February Classic with a Twist Box and my Valentine Mystery box. If you are interested in purchasing your own Julep Maven box, as of right now, the penny promotion is still active! Click HERE and complete the style quiz. Once you add the product to the shopping cart, type in the code: COLOR2012. But if that doesn't work you can try these codes: SHAREONFEB (to get the deal for $1) or MAVEN5 (to get the deal for $5). Just want to give you a couple of codes to try out in case one of two of them don't work. If they all don't work, let me know and I'll find another one! Again, these promo codes are only good for your first box! If you're still unconvinced and want to learn a little bit more about the program, please check out my Julep Maven blog posts by clicking HERE.

Julep Referral Link:
Disclaimer: If you sign up through my referral link, I will receive points towards a free subscription. Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it! :) 

February Classic with a Twist Julep Maven Box

This is just going to be a simple unboxing post for my February Box, just to show you what's inside. Basically my opinion is the same as my last box.  I tried both my nail polishes from my last box and they both have great application. I prefer the creme based over the shimmery polish, just because I find the shimmery polish is a little too translucent for my liking, even after two coats. On the other hand, I can get away with one coat with the creme based polish. My preference towards the creme-based polish was the reason why I chose to go with Classic with a Twist this month but I was also attracted to the cobalt blue that was in the Boho Glam Box. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

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Happy Valentine's day! Here's a heart-themed nail art for your enjoyment. 
It is inspired by pop-art and candy hearts! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

February Glossybox Review

Back in January, I was one of Glossybox's very first subscribers. I pretty much clicked subscribe before Glossybox even sent out the email about their availability because I was so excited for this new company. If you want to read about Glossybox's background and price, please click here. The reason why I wanted to purchase another beauty subscription box was because I've read blog posts and watched so many videos of people in Europe and other countries rave about the amazing products that they received from their Glossybox from the month. Obviously, I expected nothing less from the Canadian Glossybox and I had really high expectation for their inaugural box. These expectations were heightened when the press boxes were released, where they had full sized Essie nail polish and good sized Oscar de la Renta body lotion. I was really looking forward to that!

February Glossy Box

When I received my Glossybox, I was really impressed with the packaging! The grey outer box was decorated with their signature pink emblem and not to mention that the perforation made it really easy to open the box. This is something I really appreciate considering I'm one of those people who always use their nails to open the package rather than using a scissors. I just want to get the thing open as soon as possible! Anyone with me? The box containing the item is also beautifully designed. The size of the box is larger and much sturdier than the Luxe Box and Glymm box. The interior of the lid and the box is decorated with the same pattern as the outer box.  Glossybox must know that some people just love taking pictures of their products, because this makes such a cute backdrop! Overall, I adore the look of the box and it definitely tops their competitors in terms of packaging and design. 

Welcome Message (Front) and Product Description (Back)

I love talking about packaging, print materials, and graphic design  just because I have a background in it. So feel free to scroll down if you don't want to read about it. With that said, I really like the design of the post card, it's very feminine, sleek, and elegant. I think it's great how they use one design pattern to tie in everything! My only criticism is that the product description is a little bit too wordy for my liking. I like to know what I received, what it does and the price at first glance. I really don't think they need the "We Love" and "Giving you [this], Making you [that]" and so on. It just makes the post card look too busy. If they really want to do that, they should incorporate it into their actual description. I just don't want to actually search for the name of the product. I would like the product names to be first things I see when I pick up the card. This is just my opinion. 

These labels are so cute and such a great idea because most of the time these boxes are reused for storage. 

Finally, onto my unboxing! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tiffany's Inspired Nail Art

If google brought you here, I just want you to know that I revamped the design. Check out my newest Tiffany and co. Inspired nail art: CLICK HERE! 

My best friend Alex came over yesterday with the expectation that by the end of the night our finger nails will be covered with immaculate designs. With the combination of catching up since we haven't seen in each other in a couple of weeks and just being extremely picky, we weren't able to accomplish anything! The entire night we were putting on different color nail polishes and taking it off, I think we did that at least 20 times. So tonight was our second attempt at having another nail art night and after an hour or two of just trying out colors and designs, we finally settled! Alex decided on a purple, pink and black leopard print and I gained inspiration from Tiffany's color combination. Three hours of nail art experimentation finally paid off! I know I don't have the exact "Tiffany's Blue", but I think it's close enough!

Tiffany & co. Inspired Nail art

Friday, February 03, 2012

Julep Maven Sneak Peek Box

**Before you read this blog post, I just want to let you know that there is another penny promotion going on at Julep Maven. If you're familiar with Luxe Box, Birch Box, and all those beauty subscription boxes, Julep Maven is essentially that but with a focus on nails. So if you are interested click here and complete the style quiz. When you check out, type in this Promo Code: COLOR2012, and your total should be reduced down to one lovely penny. This promotion is for your first box. I'm pretty bananas about sharing this deal, so get your first box before the promotion is over.

Referral Link:
Disclaimer: If you sign up through my referral link, I will receive a credit that goes towards a free subscription. Thanks in advance :) 

With these promotion codes, I believe your first box is called "Sneak Peek Box". When you complete the quiz there are five style profiles that you could fall under, which are Classic with a Twist, Boho GlamAmerican Beauty, Bombshell and It Girl. I am Classic with a Twist in case you were curious. Here are the product you would receive for the month of February.

Classic with a Twist and Boho Glam Boxes
American Beauty and It Girl

Since this was a company I never heard of until these promotions started popping up, I always like to do a little research.  What I found was a very inspirational story. The founder and CEO, Jane Park, grew up in Canada, went to Princeton, received a law degree from Yale, became an executive at Starbucks, and gave it all up to start her own beauty parlour in Seattle known as Julep. This was a decision that Jane's parent didn't fully embrace because they felt that she threw away her ivy league degrees to settle for a Korean stereotype. Obviously for such a smart woman, her hard work and risk really paid off or else I wouldn't be blogging about her! She started Julep Nail parlour as a tribute to her girlfriends and she created a social atmosphere that was different from many spa and nail parlors, where an "indoor spa voices" were required.

Julep Maven Program

The Julep Maven Program is a new addition to the company. For $19.99 plus tax a month (including shipping), Julep Maven will give you "access to the hottest trends in nail color and the latest in Mani Care and Pedi Care products - delivered right to your doorstep, just like beauty editors do." As a subscriber you get to check out the latest trends and color before they are actually released. They also do very limited runs for each colors, so once that color is gone, it's gone for good. Scarcity tactic at its finest.

As a Julep Maven, you can keep the products matched to your style profile, switch to another style profile, or you can choose to send it to your friend as a gift, or skip the month. What's awesome about this program is that they let you see what products are available before they are mailed out for that month so you can make your own decision to either keep, switch, gift, or skip.

Cynthia Steffe Floral Nail Art

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It's time for another nail art! I know I didn't do any in January, but that's because I was away the whole month. Now I'm back and ready to present to you some new designs inspired by high-end fashion. I hope you like it!

So I was scrolling through a Gossip Girl Fashion blog and this Cynthia Steffe Floral dress caught my eye.  This dress was worn by the very stylish Blair Waldorf in the episode "The Ex-Files" on Season 2 of Gossip Girl. Are you surprised that it's another Blair Waldorf design? I mean almost all of my fashion-inspired nail art comes from the clothes and designs that she has worn on the show. I guess I just love her or should I say Eric Daman's pairing with pattern and texture. If you don't know who he is, he's the costume designer for Gossip Girl and Sex and the City.

There's no instructions for this nail art because all I did was try to replicate the pattern and flowers by hand. If you're going to try and replicate this nail art, wet your brush with nail polish remover to soften the edges and blend. It's exactly like watercolour, but instead of water, it's nail polish remover. If you're still looking for instructions, it's very much similar to this nail art but with different colours.

  Cynthia Steffe Floral Dress
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