Friday, January 27, 2012

January Topbox Review

I'm so glad that I am back in Toronto now because now I can receive my beloved packages. So this month, I'm only subscribe to two beauty subscription boxes just because I canceled my Glymm subscription. It was nothing against them, but the products that they have been featuring just aren't for me. But this February, I'll be expecting a couple and they include my Topbox, Loose Button Luxe Box, Julep Maven Sneak Peak box, and my Glossybox. I have already written blog entries about each of these services. So if you're interested, undecided and just want do some research before you make a purchase, I hope I give all the information that you seek.

Topbox: (Email Referral Only) - Sold out until June
Loose Button: Sign Me Up! - Bonus 3-month Flare Magazine subscription
Julep Maven: Invite Me! - PromoCode: COLOR2012 for $0.01 intro offer
Glossy Box: I Want One! - Sold out until March
Glymm Box: Subscribe Me! 
*Please note that the colored texts are my referral links! If you sign up through my referral link, I will receive a credit or points that will go towards a free subscription. Thank you in advance :)

Anyways onto my unboxing post...

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I was talking to my mom about all the great things I've been receiving from these beauty boxes and so she asked me if she could take my Shu Uemura shampoo. I gave it to her just because it was more suitable for her since she has colour treated hair. Anyways, she took it before I was able to complete a blog post and hence I have taken an image from Chinderella's blog because we received the exact same thing.

PRINCIPESSA BEAUTY: Notte Breeze Dry Shampoo
PERSONALIZED FOR YOU - This month, we have partnered with Princepessa to help you treat your gorgeous dark locks. Principessa's dry shampoo is silky multi-use powder that is lac free (naturally) and designed to keep you shower fresh all day and smelling amazing with their isolina fragrance.
Full Size: $24 (125 g)
Sample Value: $5.76 (30 g) 
Topbox Tip: Sprinkle into your hair to absorb excess oils. It can blend roots, extend blowouts, and is suitable for all hair types. For more tips on how to use, visit
  • I have always wanted to try dry shampoos but the one's that I've seen were white powders. Obviously if it doesn't blend through, I don't want to look like I'm graying out or have dandruff in my hair. So I think it's great that there are dry shampoos for dark-haired girls like me. When I took this out of my Topbox, I thought I had to take the entire cap off in order to use it and I was wondering why I was having so much trouble with it. Then I realized that you were suppose to take off the sticker because it has a twist opening. But even then, I'm still having trouble with it. Such a dysfunctional cap, it's driving me nuts! Anyways I tried the product out and it's not bad. It makes my hair less oily and shiny. I also really like the light floral scent! Such a great product for days you don't want to wash your hair.

SHU UEMURA: Full Shimmer Illuminating Shampoo
Are you looking to add life and shine to your hair? Shu Uemura's Full Shimmer Illuminating Shampoo brings the shine of the fashion runway to your home in this luxurious shampoo. It's Musk Rose Oil scent is subtle yet very pleasant.
Full Size: $45 (300 ml)
Sample Value: $11.25 (75 ml)
  • I never knew Shu Uemura had such a wide array of products. I only have their Eyelash Curler because I was told that it's one of the best ones. I won't get to try this, but I hope my mom likes it. It's pretty generous size so it should last her for a couple washes. 

STILA: Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer is formulated with micro fine light diffusing pigments that created a sheer wash of natural colour. It's oil-free formula melts right into the skin and dries down, creating a gorgeous glow without tackiness or greasiness
Full Size: $32.00 (1.70 oz)
Sample Value: $3.20 (0.17 oz)

  • I received this product in my November Topbox and I notified Topbox to see if they had any policy regarding duplicate products. They said that they made a note on my account so I will be receiving a bonus sample in my next Topbox. I am always so impressed and amazed by their customer service!

    LILYPILLY: Tea Tree Hand & Body Creme
    Harsh winter and dry skin go hand in hand (pardon the pun). We were amazed the first time we tried this Australian favorite. Packed with exotic natural ingredients, it's a nice alternative to more synthetic moisturizers.
    Full Size: $22 (150 ml)
    Sample Value: $7.33 (50 ml)
    • Another body creme! It's pretty typical, it's just another moisturizing body lotion. Like the card says, it' great to have during the winter season. However, I'm not a huge fan of the tea tree scent. 
    Total Value of this box: $27+

    So there are no full size products in this month's box, but that's okay. I can't expect Topbox to put in two full size samples every single month. Since I'm more of a make-up girl than a hair girl, I think this is my least favorite box by a small margin. I think I saw that next month's box is more make-up themed, so I'm really excite about that. 


    1. Sam! Amazing blog post! I was looking into getting Topbox for myself :)

    2. Glad you got your Topbox :) I enjoyed mine!

      There is a new box out now called Glossybox

    3. Yeah I definitely ordered my glossy box before an email was sent out sayig that they were available!

    4. Cool.. I am looking forward to the box next month & of course topbox :)

    5. Good review!!
      I did not get the Shu shampoo- I got a small 30ml jar hair mask instead- that was very nice though-just very small.

      I also got the same duplicate sample and did email topbox about it and no reply or comment on that issue for me.

      Another thing I saw online is the Principessa dry shampoo- you can buy the 30ml size for around $11.
      I also had the same problem with figuring out how the cap works.
      it would be bettter if they had something covering the cap, so you do not worry when travelling with this product.

    6. How do you know that next month's box is more cosmetics-oriented?

    7. I think I read a comment or a blog post by Topbox saying that this month is more focused on hair, and the next month will be more focused on make-up. I might be wrong though, but that's what I am hoping.


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