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November Topbox Review

Oh my goodness, the day has finally arrived! It's about time that I received my November Topbox. First and foremost, if you don't know what Topbox is, it is another beauty subscription service that delivers 4 deluxe size to full size samples for $10. The service is exactly like Luxebox by Loose Button, which deliver 3-5 products for $12/month and Glymm, which delivers 4-5 products a month for $10/month. Think of it like a magazine subscription but with beauty products. These services are all Canadian equivalents to Birchbox, which was the first beauty subscription service ever. I would also like to mention that it was started by two brilliant Harvard MBA women. They deserve all their success for coming up with such a unique and great idea.

The first time I heard about this service was when I was watching The Globe & Mail's interview with the top young Canadian Entrepreneurs and they were speaking to Ray Cao, the CEO of Loose Button who was talking about his biggest splurge and what not. I was automatically intrigued by his cute company name and when I googled them I found out that their signature product was called "Luxebox by Loose Button". Anything with the word "box" will always appeal to me, just because I want to know what is in the box? So I Googled them, YouTube them, and got to know more about their service. I really liked what I saw so I enrolled in their subscription program.

Anyways, I like to be very informed consumer, so I decided to research their competitors and that's how I found out about Glymm and Topbox. I am currently subscribed to all three services just to give them a test run, but I'll most likely cancel out the ones that I don't enjoy. I've been watching and reading about other people's initial reaction through their blog posts and video, so I am inspired to create my own. So here is it, I hope you find this informative:

Unfortunately, Topbox suffered through this huge shipping mishap this month that caused everything to be delivered late. So like a lot people I got very annoyed. I decided to unsubscribed after I got the email about how late they were going to be. I knew the late delivery is not going to happen every month, but I was just being pathetically emotional at the time and now knowing the brands that they have partnered with just made me regret unsubscribing. So I decided to enroll again and like many new subscribers, I will also need to wait until February to get my next box because the next coming months are now sold out. Through my whole waiting ordeal, I've been watching other people's review of Topbox, getting updated through Topbox's social media accounts, and interacting with one of their customer service ladies. I must say, I'm really happy with the Topbox's customer service in dealing with the shipping nightmare and other issues. I find it funny that I got more punctual responses through contacting them on Facebook and Twitter than by email.

So here it is, my wrapped Topbox that I have been waiting almost a month for! Topbox has a lot of elements that make them stand out from their competitors. As you can see, it is clearly their packaging. Instead of a rectangular or squared box, it's a tube or cylindrical "box". 

Anyways as mentioned in their website, they are environmentally-conscious so they use Kraft paper instead of another cardboard box to enclosed the package within. I have a degree in Graphic Communications, so don't mind me for being a little critical on packaging and graphic design. With that mentioned, has anyone noticed that the typeface that is used for their logo is EXACTLY the same as the typeface used on "America's Next Top Model"? I guess they both have the same focus on providing the top person or brand. 

Just for comparison sake, am I right? 

I think that it is very unique that it's in a tube and that they decided to forgo any sort of branding on the tube. You can definitely reuse it for gifting, storage or whatever you can think of. I think it would be such a cool idea if every month the paper that wraps the tube had a different pattern design or at least a different color version. It is definitely a novelty aspect that I would love looking forward to. 

Wow, definitely a bang for my buck! 

Unlike their competitors who gives you a range of products you will receive, Topbox will always give out 4 products and only 4 products. They gave their subscribers a fifth product due to the inconvenience of the late delivery, but other than you should always expect 4. I think it's great because you don't expect any more or any less products than you received in the previous month.

This is the greeting card that explains all their products that are featured in the box. This a very boring looking card! It's all text and no personalization, image, or colour. Back in university, I have learned a lot about Variable Data Printing (VDP) and it may not sound important, but it would be nice to see some personalization on the card to make subscribers feel that the products were chosen exactly for them. Even a "Hey Samantha" at the top of their blurb would give this card some sentimental value. Also they chose a very dark purple that almost appear black. Speaking of colour, I realized from looking at their Facebook, Twitter page, and website they they have no colour unity. Loose button has stuck with black and white, Glymm has their signature pink, and Topbox has 3 shades of purple? I think they should settle on one shade of purple and make it prevalent on everything like on the colour pattern of the box or the pop of colour in their greeting card. Again, that's just speaking from the graphic communications-side of me. I know it's their second month in operation, so I'll give them a break. They're doing a great job already and from this month alone, they have become my favorite subscription service. 

Here are the things that I received this month:

CAKE: Velveteen Hand Creme soothes and nourishes dry hands with a luxurious and silky formulation that absorbs quickly into your skin, leaving your hands feeling smooth but not greasy. 
Full size: $18.00 (3.4 oz.)
Sample Value: $18.00
  • This is one of two full size products in this month's box! From this product alone, I already made up the cost that I paid to get it. The product is infused with Mango and Shea butter, but to me it smells more like a mix of vanilla and orange, kind of like an orange creamsicle. Either way, it smells heavenly!

DEBORAH LIPPMAN: Some Enchanted Evening nail lacquer by Deborah Lippman's luxury line of award winning hand and foot care. This line was created as a result of her working with some of the more iconic figures in fashion from Cher to Sarah Jessica Parker.
Full Size: $19.95 (0.50 oz)
Sample Value: $19.95
  • Usually these subscription companies offer only one full size, but Topbox just set the bar way high with providing their subscriber two full size products. If they keep this up, I'll definitely consider keeping my subscription going after receiving my second box. I just want to thank you Topbox for providing me with my most expensive nail polish in my collection. I absolutely love the colour! 

DR. BRANDT: Time Arrest Eye Serum is formulated to smooth and help prevent lines around the eyes; optimize hydration by providing long lasting protection from moisture loss. 
Full size: $85.00 (0.50 oz)
Sample Value: $14.45 (0.085 oz) 
  • This is a pretty good size sample for the amount it actually cost. I find this product to be very runny compared to other eye cream samples that I've tried. I don't think I need eye cream yet, so I don't think I'll be purchasing this.

STILA: Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer is formulated with micro fine light diffusing pigments that created a sheer wash of natural colour. It's oil-free formula melts right into the skin and dries down, creating a gorgeous glow without tackiness or greasiness 
Full Size: $32.00 (1.70 oz) 
Sample Value: $3.20 (0.17 oz)
  • I know some girls received Stila lip glosses, but it's not huge loss to me especially since I like receiving face products more than the lip products anyways. So I'm more than happy to receive this as part of my samples. This is another reason why I like Topbox because they give their customer products that are equal in monetary value, and it's even better that they came from the same company. That way their subscribers don't feel gypped or left out. 
Bonus Items (due to late delivery)

BENEFIT: Benetint Rose tinted cheek and lip stain.
Full Size: $29 (0.4 oz) 
Sample Value: $6 (0.08 oz)
  • The product reminds me of a vial of blood. I tried it and I definitely wouldn't choose this over lipstick or lipgloss. I also tried this products on my cheeks and looks very natural. I think I'm going to use this product more as a cheek stain than a lip stain.
STILA: 8000 Optimum Bonus Points upon purchasing a full size of selected STILA products 

Total Value of this Box: $60+

There you have it, this month's amazing Topbox! Sorry for the excruciating long post but I promise to be shorter if I decide to do another unboxing post. Despite the boring greeting card everything else wowed me and I really hope they keep it up.

I rate this month's box 10 out of 10 and I would definately recommend it to my friends hands down. It's so unfortunate that I have to wait until February to receive my next box. But I will definitely be watching other people's unveiling videos. Please message me your email if you plan on purchasing a subscription, I would love to email you an e-vite! (They should consider using an invite link!)

Other than that, I hope you leave a comment :) 

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