Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Topbox Review

Before you read this review: Click here for a chance to win 5 full size products from brands that have been featured in past Topboxes ($250 value). If you're one of the unlucky gals that need to wait until May to get your Topbox, try your luck at this! The contest close on January 1st!

I'm so excited to do this review since I wasn't expecting a December Topbox, because I thought that I didn't sign up in time. But I guess I made it just in time for the December Topbox cut-off date, so woohoo! If you are interested in reading my November Topbox review, check it out here!

Two full sized products again!

The packaging still remained the same, but I would have loved to see them change it up a little at least with something more festive especially since it's the month of Christmas. But the biggest change that I saw was their greeting card. They added a simple gift box design with a huge pop of color! It's a really big improvement from the last one that's for sure, but there are definitely areas of improvement. That's just me though, I like to see more intricate designs just to make it stand out more.

Quite the design change! I like it.

Again, Topbox is another beauty subscription website that gives out exactly 4 deluxe to full sized products each month. What differentiate them from their competitors (Glymm and Luxebox by Loose Button) is there eco-friendly packaging and that they only focus on partnering up with the "top" brands in the industry. The two aspects that I love about this company! Anyways this is what I received in my December Luxebox and its accompanied descriptions. 

CARGO: blue_ray Gloss with Time Strip Technology 
CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU - This month, our stylist have teamed up with the stylists at Cargo to select and amazing shade that complements your beauty profile. Enjoy!
Full Size: $25.00 (0.16 oz)
Sample Value: $25.00
  • This is one of two full sized products in this month's box. The color is in "Big Sur" and I find the shade to be the similar to my natural lip color when I put it on. Although it doesn't add any additional hue to my lips, it does make them a little sparkly. I really love the consistency of the gloss too and it smoothes on very nicely. I hate lip glosses that are too tacky and sticky, so this Cargo lipgloss is actually really nice. It also has Time Strip Technology since even lip glosses have expiry dates. The strip slowly turns red and eventually it will tell you when it's time to throw the product out. So advanced! 

COVER FX: Skinprep FX Primer
This is one of our favorite primers, and is also CoverF's #1 Selling Primer. It's an instant smoothing primer that bind makeup to your face for even, color-true and long last wear/
Full Size: $45.00 (30 mL) 
Sample Value: $10.50 (7 mL)
  • I really like getting primers in the mail because I love using it before I apply my foundation so that it can stay on my skin a little longer. I'll try any brand so it was nice to get this in the mail. This is a mix between a foundation primer, as well as  anti-aging serum. It doesn't look like regular primers that I am use to. It's more gel like and it smells funny, kind of like olive oil. Oh, and it also has a yellow-tint, so it even looks a little like olive oil too. I like the product, I feel like it makes my face less oily and I can see that it minimizes the look of my pores, it really creates a nice base to apply your foundation. However, I don't think I would purchase the full size product just because I like the primer that I already have.

We've been using this Gel on our faces since it has turned cold, and it's amazing. Enriched with vitamin B5, Hydrating B5 Gel replenishes nutrients the skin needs to feel smooth.
Full Size: $78 (30 mL)
Sample Value: $13 (5 mL) *estimate*
  • I have really random dry patches on my skin so I could really use products like this that gives me the added hydration. I like to place a few drops on my hands before rubbing it on my face then finish it off with a moisturizer. Unfortunately, I don't see myself buying a full size product because it is way out of my budget and also I recently purchased a similar product, Make-up Forever HD Elixir, for half the price. Either way, I'm happy that Topbox placed this product in this month's box, it is perfect for the incoming winter season. 

BELLA PELLA: Marula and Neroli Glyerine Soap
Based in our favorite Montreal borough of Le Plateau, Bella Pella handcrafts the most beautiful, natural soap and bath products in Canada. Gift these locally produced, and intoxicating product to your family and friends.
Full Size: $7.95 (125 g)
Sample Value: $7.95 (125 g) 
  • I don't know what marula and neroli are, but the scent of the soap definitely reminds me of fresh laundry with a hint of orange.  I really like the vibrant blue color and I think it's great that it is a Canadian product! I also noticed from other people's unboxing videos that some of them received the Dr. Brant eye cream that I got from last month's box. Hopefully people don't flip out that we got a full sized soap and they got a deluxe sized eye cream because if you really look at the value, Dr. Brant eye-cream is worth about $14 for the sample. I believe when companies give out different samples to their subscriber, the value of the product should be as equal as possible. 
COVER FX: 1000 bonus shoppers optimum points when you purchase SkinPrep FX

Total Value of this box: $56+
    So again, amazing value from this month's box! If you're interested in signing up with Topbox then you made the right choice. However, if you do it now you will have to wait until May to get it. Yes as in May of next year! But I'm telling you, it is definitely worth the wait if they continue what they're doing!

    Now a little negativity:

    My biggest issue with Topbox is their referral program. First of all, like many people who have mentioned this on their Facebook page, I think it's easier for me to just share a link on my social media websites like Twitter and Facebook rather than asking my friends what their e-mails are, log in to the Topbox website, fill in all the fields and not know if my invites were successfully sent through until I ask my friends if they received it. It feels very redundant. Who really uses e-mail to communicate with friends anymore? Most of the time it's through Facebook and text messaging right? So If they plan to make any changes in the next year, this is definitely worth considering. Second of all, I don't always get notifications about a complimentary Topbox when my friends sign up after I have referred them. I think it's because when you fill out their "Invite a Friend" section, they don't put "confirmation email" as a required section and the invitation still goes through without my name linked to the referrals. So then my friend that I referred isn't going to be associated with me because I forgot to put in my own e-mail. That is just my guess because I always bug my friends to see if they received my Topbox invite or not, sometimes they say yes, but a lot of time they say no and then I have to go through the process again. I think the best way to solve this, if they continue the e-mail approach, is to have a notification to tell the user that their invite has or has not been successfully sent through, or that they forgot to fill in a missing field, etc. I honestly feel like I'm bugging Suzann from Topbox from a lot of my incessant emails, but I think it's important to bring up these minor problems in case I'm not the only one with the issues. That way they can improve moving forward. Anyways, that's just my little input, I wish the company all the best!


    1. Haha after reading this I might just decide to buy a subscription! I know I'm trying to save money but it looks so much fun to get all these goodies in the mail. Hopefully Topbox will fix their referral system so you can get credit for promoting this cool service!

      Do a Christmas manicure please haha!

    2. Just read your blog, was doing some research on which company I wanted to go with. Your info was great! Thank you.I have decided to give Glymn a try simply for the fact I have no patience and it seems like alot of waiting just to get one of others. I am sure sooner or later will sign up for them also to try. GlossyBox sounds very intriguing, will try that one for sure.


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