Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December Luxe Box by Loose Button Review

Woo! I got both my Glymm box and Luxebox by Loose Button today! So I'm going to share with you what I received from my Luxebox in this post and then review my Glymm box in the next. Sit back, relax, read and enjoy!

So this is my third Luxe Box and I have been subscribed since they revamped their look and packaging, which is something I really like about Loose Button, especially the little personalized stickers. Unlike Glymm and Topbox who charge $10 plus tax per month, Luxe box charges $12 plus tax per month or $110 plus tax per year (so that's around $10 a month). I impulsively subscribed to a one year subscription because I guess I was sold on the fact that I would get two boxes free.

When people ask me about Luxe Box, I usually tell them that it's going to be a hit or a miss from month to month. Judging by their Facebook page, I think a lot of people would agree. Sometimes the samples are awesome and sometimes the samples don't live up to our expectations. I think Luxe Box has a bigger surprise element than both Glymm and Topbox so what you receive may not be the same the vlogger you just watched. I always find that when I watch a vlog before getting my box, I ALWAYS get my hopes up. But when I receive my own box, I always feel a little let down when I don't get the same things, for example a nail polish. I remember when I received my first Luxe Box, there was an uproar on the Loose Button Facebook page when half of their subscribers didn't get a full size nail polish and received the same sample sized product that was featured in the previous month. Obviously they would feel a little ripped off. I think the best way to overcome these type of situations is to feature a sample product that have the similar monetary or perceived value. If half the subscribers receive a full sized nail polish valued at $9, the other half should receive a full size product as well or deluxe sized sample that has a $9+ value. Anyways that's just my little spiel about Luxe Box by Loose Button. I'm pretty hopeful for next month, I have 9 more months to go!

One thing Loose Button does very well is design, from their logo, packaging, to their information card. Also an added bonus for personalization! After criticizing Topbox for their lack of festivity, Loose Button really impressed me with their Holiday card. They kept up with their aesthetics and added a christmas touch to it. They also had a snowflake patterned post card from the founders and a special belgian chocolate coin in the shape of Loose Button's logo. I hope they keep this up with other occasions as well, like Valentine's day. I love little sentimental touches, it just adds to the experience!

Also, I believe they started adding "Luxe Tips" last month and it's such great idea because obviously it allows the user to really maximize the use of the products. Props Loose Button!

YVES ROCHER: 24H Vitality Anti-Fatigue Skin Care
This intense moisturizer is enriched with Red Vine Polyphenols that combat signs of fatigue that age the skin. It smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles and revitalizes the skin, revealing a more radiant complexion.
Full Size: $52.00 (50 ml) - currently on sale for $28.60
Sample Value: 15 ml ($15.60) 
Luxe Tip: Gently tap face three times with palms prior to applying moisturizer. This stimulates blood flow to the epidermis to nourish the skin. 
  • I've been getting a lot of moisturizing face products from these sample service lately, not to mention I still have a couple of full size products left to use. I think if I try too many of these products on my face, I will break out even more severely. I tested a dime-sized amount on my hand and I can feel that it's very moisturizing. But I ended up giving this sample to my visiting cousin, who has been using lip chap to moisturize his face lately. Good thing the scent of this cream isn't "girly" so he could use it too. As for the Luxe Tip, I'm going to start doing that before I apply anything on my face from now on. 

VELOUR: Upper Lashes in Strike a Pose
Inspired by mink eyelashes and custom-ordered by celebrities. Velour Lashes is dedicated to offering the finest lashes on the market. These mink lashes are individually handmade and guaranteed to be 100% authentic mink fur. Lashes can be worn up to 25 times with proper care.
Retail Price: $65.00 (currently on sale for $35.00 on website)  
Sample Value: $65.00 
Luxe Tip: To learn how to apply the false lashes and how to take care of them, watch the videos at
  • Asian founders who understand Asian pain: short lashes! I think it's pretty insane that it cost that much for eyelashes, so it's definitely a treat that I got this in my Luxe Box. I'm so use to drug store brands. Anyways since it's made out of mink fur, it's a lot softer than lashes you are typically used to. Compared to other Asian girls, I think I have pretty decent length eyelashes that I can flutter around so I don't really need falsies but it would still be nice to have fuller lashes. I just love how long lustrous lashes really complete a look and honestly I think it makes such a significant difference to your eye-makeup. My biggest concerns with false lashes are that it will come off easily or that it won't look natural. I really need to master the gluing technique on cheap drug store lashes before I can touch these high-end ones. Also from the looks of Velour's gallery, their lashes do look very natural when they are applied, so I can't wait to try them ... but I know I want to save it for a special occasion. 

An iconic fragrance, L'Air du Temps symbolizes love peace, and freedom.
Full Size: $72.00 (50 ml) 
Sample Value: $0.86 (0.6 ml) 

Fresh and Fruity, wear Nina to capture femininity, temptation, and modernity. 
Full Size: $65.00 (50 ml)   
Sample Value: $0.78 (0.6 ml)
  • So the vial actually holds 1.2 ml of liquid when it's filled to the top. As you can see in the picture above, both the samples are only half full. This is a really disappointing sample and I definitely would not count this as "deluxe sized". What I consider as a "deluxe sized" fragrance sample is what Glymm gave out this month to their subscribers: a full tiny replica of the bottled perfume, not this half filled vial. Other than that, both the fragrances are quite lovely. I prefer the Nina much more than L'Air Du Temp just because I love any thing that's floral or fruity and youthful. I got the Shoppers Fragrance Sampler a couple weeks ago and it has a Nina Ricci perfume, too bad I can only redeem it for a full size Nina L'Elixir and not this Nina perfume. 

YVES ROCHER: Italian Mandarin Shower Gel
Bask in beauty this holiday with the limited edition Les Plaisirs Nature Italian Mandarin collection. Fall in love with this irresistibly indulgent body wash and envelop yourself in its delicate and delicious citrus-scented lather.
Full Size: $12.00 (400 ml)
Sample Value: $1.50 (50 ml) 
Luxe Tip: For extra exfoliation use with a body brush or loofah and enjoy the rich foamy lather. 
  • I know that Yves Rocher isn't available everywhere, but I really don't consider this as a luxury sample. I still think it's great that Loose Button is featuring sample products that can easily fit into people's budget but I personally like to indulge in the high-end samples. I know Loose Button has featured a couple of drug store brands in their boxes and honestly those are the stuff I want to avoid getting just because I'm willing to splurge if the product is right. Anyways as for this shower gel, it smells absolutely divine!  It's like I'm holding up a mandarin to my nose and sniffing. Another shower gel I can throw in my gym bag! 
Total Value of this box: $46 (sale) to $84 (normal retail)

I give this month's box a big "Meh". Not extremely impressed by it but I'm not totally disappointed either. I think the only redeeming product of this month's box is the premium Velour lashes, which I'm excited to see how it looks on me. Other than that, I really can't go gaga over shower gel, half filled perfume vials, and face cream even if they do smell nice. 

Let me know what you got and please share your thoughts! 


  1. i got 2 vials of perfume samples with a drop inside each .1 eyeliner,yves roche bodywash and a god awful pink lipstick. this comapny cant seem to get their act together month after month.they are always sorry for something.i almost feel like demanding them another box as i feel i signed up for deluxe samples, not a hit and miss each month-i got 3 boxes and subscriptions for people for christmas and am embarrased to give them. i feel cheated and had.they probally spend more money on design for the packaging then on samples that are less than the way you can get these vials of samples free in the maple or at drugstore there is nothing deluxe about it nor festive

  2. Yeah I understand where you're coming from and for some products I feel the same way. But they do have over 8,000 subscribers and I'm sure companies give them a limited amount of products so it's really hard for them to satisfy every single person. I feel I shouldn't hold that against them and I'm hopeful that the next box would be better. I just hope that they exert some quality control over some products because this is the second box that featured two half-filled perfume samples.

  3. Even if they have 8,000 subscribers couldn't Loose Button leverage that with beauty brands to make sure they get premium samples? Isn't word of mouth recommendations a brands strongest way to get more customers? I think it's so risky for a service like this to not have consistent quality!

  4. I am really happy with what I've gotten so far. I got the DDF sample and I thought it was really cool we got a choice this month. A real treat for the holidays. I think if the value is over 12.00 then you really are getting a deal and I've never seen their boxes be remotely under 12.00. The samples may not be what people want but no where do they claim to customize the boxes for people. I think people expect a lot for 12.00 shipping included.

  5. This is what Loose Button says on their website, so they are trying to customize boxes according to people's beauty profile.

    We collect your beauty profile so that we can get a better idea what your beauty needs are. Over time, we will be using this information to better customize a product collection that is catered to you. At this moment, we are trying our best to provide you with colours and products that match your general skin type. We'd love to hear your feedback so we can improve our service.

  6. Wow I can't even imagine the colossal amount of work that's going to mean for them, what a huge undertaking. Maybe this months choice option was a start of that?


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